Strike Ball 2 2.11

Alawar (Shareware)

Strike Ball 2 is an arcade-style video game first released on September 9, 2009. It is the sequel to the Strike Ball video game. The main objective of the game is to obtain the highest level and score. The player must clear a level before advancing to the next one. To do this, the player must destroy all the bricks on a level. The game’s interface is composed of three main elements – paddle, ball, and bricks. The player controls the paddle using arrow keys or the mouse. The ball is the one used to destroy the bricks. The paddle is used to control the ball’s movement.

The game features two levels pack – Original levels and Deluxe levels. The Original levels consist of all the levels available from the first Strike Ball video game. The Deluxe levels are the new additions to the game. Each level features different brick constructions. Aside from using the ball to destroy the bricks, the player can also obtain different weapons and power-ups to help in the game. These weapons and power-ups appear randomly when a player hits a brick. However, the player can only use these if he/she catches it using the paddle. Some of the available power-ups offers increased/decreased paddle size, increased/decrease ball speed, ball magnet, and more. Available weapons include a machine gun, bomber, and missile launcher, among others.