Street Racing Syndicate

Eutechnyx (Proprietary)

Street Racing Syndicate (SRS) is a racing video game whose primary features are to win races and attract females in the game's city. Its developer is Eutechnyx and was released in 2004. The game's type of racing is "import". In this kind of race, cars participating in races are usually imports from other countries, usually Japan. There are different race modes in the game. In Arcade mode, the player has to choose the car and the type of race. The Multiplayer mode allows the player to play with other players. This mode splits the screen into two. Street mode is the career mode wherein the player can build his reputation and career in the street by winning races, modifying cars, buying cards, and getting girls.

While the game's objective is to win races, it also has a "girlfriend" aspect wherein the player has to obtain the respect of the females in the game. There are 18 girls in this racing game. To earn the female's respect, the player has to perform "respect gaining" activities. These activities include completing checkpoint-filled races and chasing a car closely without colliding with it. Other driver's girls can also be won over by finishing races first.

Street Racing Syndicate brings out 50 cars licensed from different car manufacturers. A car damage system compels players to race carefully, to avoid slowing down their cars’ performances, and spending a big amount of cash for their repairs.