Street Karate

Falco Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Street Karate is an action game in which players fight villains who attack them on the street. Players make use of different karate moves in order to defend themselves against their attackers that come in droves to surround them. Players must also be very quick and use the element of surprise in their attacks.

Players control the hero using keyboard commands. The game has an intuitive classic 2D interface and graphics reminiscent of games of the Eighties. Among the karate moves players can execute are jumping, kicking, boxing, running forward, and turning back. Players can strike at their opponents while running or jumping at the same time. Players can also kick or punch a villain into a larger crowd of villains to make them stumble. To defeat opponents, players must weaken them by continuously applying damage through their karate moves. Players can see their health status as well as that of their enemies’ through the health bars over their heads.

Street Karate has different levels that take players to various locations in and outside the city. These settings include alleys, streets, an industrial plant, parks, and even the beach. The final battle between good and evil is done on the bridge. Players can adjust the game’s settings and difficulty levels according to their preferences. The villains get more challenging in each level.