Stream Transport (Freeware)

Stream Transport, formerly called the FLV Downloader, is an application that allows users to download clips from video hosting websites, such as Hulu, MTV, DailyMotion, Veoh, Demand Five, and many others. The program automatically detects the URL of the video clip, eliminating the need to manually input the URL where the video file will be downloaded. All the downloaded videos are saved as MP4 or FLV.

The program’s interface is simple. There is also a ‘VisitHulu’ button at the right part of the window so that users can go to the Hulu website with just one click. Users can also input a website on the program’s address bar to visit other video hosting websites. When the website is open, the program automatically detects the URL. To download the video file, users can click on the URL located at the bottom part of the window and click ‘Download’. Detailed information about the video can also be viewed. The download window shows the progress of the files being downloaded. Users can stop downloading files at any time, but the download will start from the very beginning when it is resumed.

Stream Transport allows users to download five videos at the same time. The main window of the program can be minimized without stopping the downloading process.