StreamTorrent (Freeware)

Stream Torrent is a program that enables users to transfer BitTorrent files via live stream. This program works by directly transferring torrent data from one user to another using both users’ Internet connection. Stream Torrent allows users to share torrent data faster without the need to access a torrent server. Users of Stream Torrent can share multiple torrent files over an unlimited number of users over the Internet. Torrent or BitTorrent is a type of a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that enables users to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. BitTorrent allows users to distribute various types of files, such as videos, music, documents, archive files, disc images, and software. Aside from the program installer, Stream Torrent users need to have an active Internet connection to be able to transfer torrent files to other users.

Stream Torrent features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. The first part is the control toolbar where users may find buttons such as open, stop, lock, unlock, delete, refresh, search, and settings. Below the control toolbar, users may find a keyword search bar and a genre filter, which organizes all shared files according to categories like Movies, TV, Radio, Sports, Software, Games, etc. The next part is the torrent display where users can view the files being streamed to other users. Streamed files are displayed showing information such as the name, genre, progress, bitrate, quality, audience, and publisher.