StreamDown 6.8

CocSoft Computing, Inc. (Shareware)

StreamDown is a program that enables users to capture streaming media and save them on their computer hard drive. Developed by the company, CocSoft Computing, it has the ability to handle multiple protocols simultaneously. It provides support for both FTP and HTTP downloads as well as streaming media files in MMS, MMST, MMSU, RTSP formats. This is especially beneficial to users who do not have access to high bandwidth to watch streaming audio or video online. This way, all audio and video output can be viewed or listened to offline, on the user’s own time.

StreamDown features a simple and intuitive user interface that lets users initiate downloads with just a few clicks. To set up a new download project, the user must go to the Tasks option and provide the required information in the given fields. This information includes the streaming site URL, the folder location of the saved file, the filename of each download, and a username and password if necessary. StreamDown also comes with a utility called Msniffer, which automatically recovers the URL of the streaming media in case the user wishes to start a new download project immediately. Control buttons such as Begin, Stop, New and Delete can be found at the top of the window, right below the main navigation bar.