STRATO (Freeware)

STRATO HiDrive is an online file storage application. The free version provides users with 5 GB of storage. Users can share their online files such as music, projects, documents, and videos with other users by generating Share Links. The upgraded version provides users with more storage and additional password protection for their online files. With this application, users can set up user accounts for each member of the project team and assign access rights to a particular folder. Users may also specify if another user may be allowed to upload files to a folder.

STRATO HiDrive provides users with the ability to share files without having to send these in emails, which take a long time to attach especially for large and multiple files. It also serves as a backup folder just in case a USB drive is lost or becomes corrupted. With this storage solution, users can simply save their files in the application folder, generate a link, and share this link to other trusted users. Unsafe sharing over social networks and other sites is therefore avoided. The file storage application enables users to access their files online anytime and anywhere.

One key feature of this application is its ability to save emails with attachments directly to the user’s HiDrive folder. With this feature, users do not have to open their emails and download attachments manually.