Strata 3D CX

Corastar Inc. (Proprietary)

Strata 3D CX is a 3D modeling and animation program. It is ideal for use in various design fields, such as environmental design, motion graphics, consumer product design, illustration and advertising, and interactive design. It can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop, which makes it familiar and easy to use for design professionals. It can easily connect to the users’ design toolset in Photoshop and it can also import files created in Adobe Illustrator. A Vector 3D plug-in enables users to export files to Flash format. This program has a fast rendering engine, which lets users finish projects in no time. Its features include the following:

• Simple to learn – 2D designers will find 3D modeling easy to do because of this application’s quick start templates, readymade backgrounds and environments, predefined effects, and well-stocked model libraries. This feature enables users to create realistic 3D models in just a few minutes. It also provides a user-friendly modeling toolset and interface for editing 3D elements.
• Precise surface textures – this feature lets users come up with convincing renderings of three-dimensional models. A comprehensive set of powerful tools is available for creating, applying, and manipulating surface textures for a realistic output.
• A variety of scene elements – users can situate their 3D models in realistic scenes. Scene composition is done by selecting from a variety of environments, backgrounds, lighting options, and camera angles.