Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Strange Cases – The Lighthouse Mystery is a hidden object game mystery that was first released in 2010. The game starts when Claire Ellery, an FBI agent, wakes up from her sleep and discovers that her nightmare became reality. Her mentor and former partner in the FBI, Tom, has been found dead. Clair then starts an investigation to find out how her partner died. Claire must find the clues that Tom has left on cards that have been scattered in different locations.

Players get to visit various locations in search for the missing cards that hold clues. In each location, the player is given a list of things to find. The list is located at the left side of the screen. When an item has been found, it will be crossed out from the list. The game has a hint system that players can use when they are stuck looking for an item. There are also other scenes where players are only given the silhouette of objects that they must find. In other locations, the items are broken into different pieces. The pieces must be found and re-assembled in order to collect them. In addition to the hidden object games, players are also presented with mini games in the form of puzzles.