STP Viewer 2.3

IdeaMk (Freeware)

STP Viewer is an advanced software that enables international STEP standard files viewing. These type of files that are used in 3D projects assembly are compatible only with mechanical CAD systems. Thus, with STP Viewer, users can view CAD models without limit on the quality of display or speed of loading. The program comes in a minimalist interface that is easy to navigate and does not require in-depth understanding. However, there are certain tools that only experts or advanced users are familiar with. For these tools and for beginners and novice in using the program, there is a help and guide description on how they are used.

In STP Viewer, users can view all the markers used in the modeling of a 3D project through its tree view feature. Users can even hide or unhide the markers to view the objects piece by piece. Alongside it 3D view, the software also has 2D mode that makes it easy for users to analyze the four-sided view of each object, namely top, bottom, left, and right. Adding shades or shadow-like accents is also supported so that CAD models do appear realistic and for a more presentable look through wireframe. Changing color of wireframes is also possible to make the 3D object more mechanical and to make it easy for users to carry out basic actions such as rotate, zoom, move, or change skin.