Roxio, Inc. (Shareware)

StoryBoard is a useful application for users who wish to place and organize all of their video clips from a single location. Most users get their videos utilizing up to three gadgets: a camcorder, digital camera, and an iPhone. This results to having videos spread to different devices. StoryBoard puts all of it into one place and arranges them so that they can be easily browsed and watched. The user only needs to plug in his or her usual device, open the application, and begin importing videos. The clips will appear in the Event Library. The application enables users to rate a clip as a “favorite” or “rejected.” Users can also tag clips using custom or preset keywords. Additionally, users can filter clips in order to find choice scenes or to hide others.

StoryBoard offers features that make organizing videos very convenient. Here are some of them.

• Fast and easy playback – Users can toggle between projects and events, skim through the videos, and watch scenes individually.
• Drag-and-drop moviemaking – Dragging favorite clips into a project area and arranging them according to user preference can be done. Titles, transitions, as well as photos can also be dragged and dropped.
• Basic movie editing – Users may select clips and merge these to create a movie.