Story Editor

M-Logic (Shareware)

Story Editor by M-Logic is a program that assists students in comprehending reading materials that may be way over their heads. It is a web-based app that facilitates understanding of reading materials, which have been given to students as part of fulfilling curriculum requirements. When students open files using this app, they are provided with tools such that there is better understanding of vocabulary and content.

Story Editor is an open source utility that gives users the chance to utilize its multiple functions. This program has been subjected to a number of tests and evaluations and deemed safe to download and utilize. Students can install this app to their desktops or laptops and possess a handy, convenient, and comprehensive utility that will help them breeze through the extensive list of reading requirements.

Aside from benefiting students, this utility may also be helpful to teachers who want to add content to reading assignments that they hand over to students. Story Editor also allows the user to easily maintain a library of marked-up documents, which can be made available to the public. Users only need to connect to the Internet in order to make use of Story Editor. There is no need to shell out money because it is free of charge.