StorageCrypt 4.0.1

Magiclab (Shareware)

StorageCrypt is a security program used for protecting hard drives using encrypted passwords. It supports encryption of flash drives and portable hard drives as well. It makes use of 128-bit encryption to keep personal information safe. The application is portable and does not need to be installed in the computer in order to be used. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive, which makes it ideal to use even for novice computer users.

Users can encrypt drives from the Drive Encryption tab. Users must choose a drive to encrypt and supply the necessary information, such as the password to be used for encryption. Users also have two choices – Deep Encryption and Quick Encryption. When a disk drive is chosen, users can see the disk number, the capacity of the disk, and its status. Other information that can be viewed includes the partition of the selected disk.

Here are the other main features of the StorageCrypt application:

• Supports passwords that are up to 50 characters long for better security
• Users can use different settings for each partition on the disk (private or public)
• Can encrypt a disk with a storage capacity of 2 Gb to provide security for large files
• Can be used on different computers