StoneLoops of Jurassica 1.08

Codeminion (Shareware)

StoneLoops of Jurassica is a bubble shooter game that was first released in 2008. In the game, players must eliminate stones from the game grid. To do this, three stones of the same color must be matched. The game is set in the fictional world of Jurassica during the pre-historic times. This adventure game offers three game modes. They are:

• Classic – In this game mode, players travel to different places in Jurassica and go through levels. Players must finish a level in order to proceed to the next one.
• Strategy – In Strategy Mode, players are free to think of the best strategy to beat the game and accumulate a high score.
• Survival – In Survival Mode, players can choose a specific level and try to beat their own store. However, the level gets more difficult.

The game offers 75 levels that are spread throughout five different locations in Jurassica. Users can also make use of power-ups in order to beat the levels. There are nine different power-ups available including the fireball, boost, color cloud, meteor, and multicolor. In addition to finishing the puzzle, players can also build houses in different locations. There are three types of houses that can be created – a volcano plaza, a glacial cavern, and a jungle cottage.