Stolen Venus

Intenium GmbH (Shareware)

The Stolen Venus is a title under the Insider Tales series of hidden object games developed by Intenium. The story of the game tells of a robbery in a museum. The stolen masterpiece was the Birth of Venus painting made by the popular Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. In this game, players assist detective Francesca di Porta inspect the crime scene to collect clues and solve the mystery behind the stolen painting.

This hidden object game makes use of iSpy mechanics to challenge players in looking for hidden items. There are 15 Italian locations featured in the game. Players having difficulties locating items can use hints. Hints are unlimited but players have to wait for the hint button to recharge before using it again. If a hint is not available, players can click on the name of the object on the list and the game will show a silhouette of what the object looks like. This can also help players locate the item. Once all of the items are found, players move to the next scene for more clues.

Aside from the hidden object scenes, there are also minigames that must be played in order to advance to the next part of the story. The game is not timed, so players can complete puzzles at their own pace.