STOIK Video Converter 3.0

STOIK Imaging (Bundled)

STOIK Video Converter is a video player which is designed to produce clips that are perfectly compatible to the player. This utility can recognize an array of video player (or online sharing device) specifications such as format requirements, resolution, screen size, and bitrate. This utility has many capabilities. The basic functionalities of this utility are processing, filtering, and editing.

The basic features of STOIK Video Converter which is manufactured by STOIK Imaging are:
• Can be used to enhance video files.
• Users can watch movies of optimal quality.
• There are more than 275 presets available to the user.
• More than 25 special effects that are available to the user

There are also many special filters as well available adjustments for splitting, cutting, and cropping videos. There are controls made available to the user for adjusting color and brightness, and adding and removing noise. This is a universal video converting utility that is easy to use and is capable of multiple function such as merging, splitting, cutting, resizing, and trimming. Playback is allowed for many portable video players.

STOIK Video Converter supports the following video formats: MOV, MKV, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, and DV. This utility is capable of processing more than one video files and can merge and split streams of video as well.