STOIK Smart Resizer

STOIK Technology (Shareware)

STOIK Smart Resizer is used for shrinking or enlarging the size of photos or images. This application is useful when printing large scale posters or sending photos through email. It also has a batch mode that enables users to shrink or enlarge multiple photos all at the same time. The program makes use of several algorithms for processing the image. They are bicubic, linear, and bilinear. With these algorithms, the program ensures that there is no quality loss when changing the size of the image. The resulting image can be viewed immediately with the built-in image preview option. The software comes with several resize templates that users can choose from.

The application’s interface is simple and intuitive. The image window is located at the left part of the screen, while the settings for resizing are located at the right panel of the main window. Some of the settings that can be tweaked including the width and height of the pixels, the print size, image resolution, and the algorithm to use. Command buttons are located at the top part of the window.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Makes use of industry standard algorithms
• Support for high-quality thumbnails
• Adaptive photo enlargement