Nasdaq (Shareware)

StockTicker offers at-a-glance stock data that has many features that allow investors to keep abreast of the stock market. This program functions as an application bar that provides users with updated stock information. This program is designed to add a running stock ticker at the very top of the computer desktop. The addition of a visually attractive ticker-style to the user’s computer screen can be accomplished at the click of a button.

StockTicker is very easy to use and operate. Its no-frills design and backward and forward buttons make navigation very easy. The following parameters of the ticker can be customized: scroll speed, font type, and font size. Custom alarms can be added for certain ceiling and floor figures for immediate notification from available stock data. Stock symbols may be added and removed accordingly. The data-refresh interval setting allows for adjustments as well.

StockTicker users receive alerts on the screen so that investors need not check different websites during the day. The value of particular stocks is already provided and the total amount invested is given as well. This program also offers users immediate access not only to the current value of their stock investments, but also whether a stock has gone below or above a set price. This program is a handy utility for people who are keen on keeping track of their investment portfolio.