StNotepad 3.1

Ananda (Shareware)

StNotepad is a program that allows users to write down notes on the desktop. The window is semi-transparent so users can see through the document and on the text underneath the window. The Dotnet Framework 2 application must be installed in the system in order for StNotepad to work.

StNotepad’s main window consists of five menus – File, Edit, Format, View, and Help. Underneath the text space, users can view text information like the number of characters on the text field, number of words, lines, columns, and the zoom percentage. Users also have control over the appearance of the window by accessing the Settings window. Users can choose from the available themes that are built-in to the application. There are sliders for the box height, opacity, menu height, and corner radius. The font color, URL color, and border color can be changed as well. Other settings that can be changed are the background style and control box style.

More features of the program are:

• support for dropping and dragging text to the window
• program’s window can stay above all open windows on the desktop
• automatically detects URLs that are on the text field
• support for undoing and redoing tasks