Stitch Art Easy! 4.0 Beta2 (Freeware)

Stitch Art Easy! is a program developed by that allows images to be converted into embroidery patterns. The program is used to develop patterns for cross-stitch based on an image file. The program makes use of algorithm calculations to create the patterns.

The user needs to upload the image that will be converted. This can be done by browsing through image files or by scanning a picture. The user also has the option to create a new image. The user can edit the image prior to conversion. Some of the editing methods include resizing, filtering, and changing of colors. Once an image is entered in the program, the software will convert it. The converted output is a scheme of signs and symbols.

The elements in the pattern depend on the color used. The software uses existing standard threads from manufacturers like DMC and Anchor. Although the program aims to stay true to the image, color substitutions may occur. The program allows for color replacement as long as it has a corresponding thread. It also provides the user with a preview of the finished product. The output can be exported as an image file. It can also be exported on Microsoft Excel prior to printing.