Microïds (Shareware)

Still Life is a content-driven adventure game developed by the company, Microïds and published by MC2. In this game, the player takes on the role of FBI field agent Victoria McPherson, who is investigating a series of prostitution-related murders happening in two cities in Chicago. She has grown quite frustrated with herself due to the slow pace of her investigation, but things start to get interesting when she visits her father‘s house for the holidays and stumbles upon an old notebook. It belonged to her grandfather, Gustav McPherson , who was a private investigator trying to solve a similar serial murder case that happened in Prague in the 1920s. According to notes from both cases, the killer is dressed in a dark cloak, silver mask, and top hat. Even though Gustav was able to identify the mysterious man as the killer, he was not as successful in capturing him.

The game’s scenes cut back and forth between the two time zones, and features procedural forensic situations. The environments show various Chicago and Prague landmarks that are depicted in modern and aged appearances, respectively. The player is also allowed to interact with other characters in the game, especially in the puzzles. Most of the gameplay involves the point-and-click style, which enables the player to collect various pieces of evidence and examine them.