Still Life 2

Gameco Studios (Proprietary)

Still Life 2 is the second chapter of the adventure series, “Still Life”. Developed by the company Gameco Studios, the game features a that plot revolves around Victoria McPherson, who is an FBI investigator following the trail of the East Coast Killer. The story’s scenes alternate between McPherson’s investigation and the plight of Paloma Hernandez, a journalist reporting on the crimes of the East Coast Killer. She has been abducted by the killer and is fighting for survival in his run down home. The killer makes Hernandez get a hold of McPherson in hopes of leading her to his home. This plan is hatched with the help of a renegade Marine who has deep grudge against Victoria’s late grandfather, Gus McPherson. Victoria ends up being a captive of the East Coast Killer, but struggles successfully in setting herself and Paloma Hernandez free.

Controlling Victoria’s character entails using two main tools – her CSIA kit and smart phone. The smart phone contains contacts, documents, files, and gameplay goals. The CSIA kit on the other hand, serves as a portable forensics laboratory containing typical equipment such as a digital microscope, fingerprint scanner, sampling swabs, and 3D scanner among others. It also comes with a computer that enables the player to analyze gathered evidence samples.