Sticky Password 6.0.7

Lamantine Software a.s. (Shareware)

Sticky Password is a password manager that helps keep passwords, usernames, and fill form information secure. The application stores the usernames, passwords, and other log in information for password-protected websites. Whenever the user visits the website, the program automatically fills the log in fields for faster access to different types of online accounts. It comes with an installation wizard that imports the passwords from web browsers and other password managers that are installed in the computer.

Aside from storing log in information, Sticky Password is also capable of creating strong passwords for accounts. This can be done with the password generator that is built in to the program. The application’s database uses military-grade AES algorithm to ensure that the passwords are secure. The software also has a feature called Secure Memos. Secure Memos can be used to store other important information in the program’s encrypted database. With the program, users just need to remember one master password in order to access all other log in information stored in the program.

Here are the other features of the Sticky Password application:
• Automatic updates for the program
• Provides protection against key-loggers
• One-click form filling
• Automatic import of passwords
• Provides protection from phishing scams