Sticky Notes

Igor Vigdorchik (Freeware)

Sticky Notes is a program used for adding sticky notes on the desktop. With the application, users can post to-do lists, reminders, checklists, and miscellaneous notes on the desktop to save on paper. The sticky note can be displayed anywhere on the desktop. Users also have the option to change the look of the note (colors, size, font, transparency, and display). Aside from typing in notes, users can also add hyperlinks on the sticky note. There is no limit to the number of sticky notes that can be posted on the desktop.

The Sticky Notes icon sits on the system tray. The general options window and the program settings can be accessed by clicking on the icon. The options menu shows four tabs – General, Note Settings, Backup & Restore, and Hotkeys.

• General – Under general settings, users can enable an alarm, set the tray icon action, and create a shortcut of the program.
• Note Settings – The note settings tab allows users to change the starting position of the notes on the desktop, the size of the note, transparency, background, font, and color of the notes.
• Backup & Restore – Under backup & restore, users can create backups of important notes and restore them if ever the system crashes.
• Hotkeys – This is the section where users can set the hotkey combinations for the program’s commands.