Stickies 7.1

Zhorn Software (Freeware)

Stickies is a small utility that is used for displaying notes on the computer’s desktop. Stickies placed on the desktop will remain there even after rebooting the system. The notes are saved in an .ini file. The appearance of each Stickie can be customized (buttons, colors, and fonts). Aside from notes, images can also be added to the Stickie. The program is not only used on the desktop. The memos can also be attached to folders, websites, or documents so that they only appear when the programs are on the screen.

The Stickies icon sits on the desktop’s system tray. To bring up the program’s menu, right click on the Sticky icon. On the Options window, users can change the general settings and appearance of the Stickies, as well as manage the network, email, alerts, and hotkeys for the program. There are also advanced settings.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Stickies are transferable via TCP/IP network connections
• Multilanguage with Unicode text support
• Does not make changes to the system’s registry
• Support for alarms so users do not miss schedules
• Skinnable interface

There are also Sticker Tools that can be used with the application include the Stickies Selective Import Tool, Stickies Stamper, Sticky Notes Importer, and Stickies Scanner.