STG Picture Merge 2.1

Luiz A D R Marques (Freeware)

STG Picture Merge is a simple application that allows users to merge two photos in one. It supports a wide variety of image file formats including TGA, PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIF. The application has a simple user interface that can be used by those who are not computer savvy. The two image windows at the top portion of the screen are where users can import their images to the application. This can be done by clicking on the Open button at the bottom of each window. On the base image, users can apply a filter by selecting one from the drop down menu. On the overlay image, users also apply a filter and change the image’s transparency.

The bottom right part window shows a preview of what the image will look like once the two photos have been merged. Users can make changes to the base and overlay image until they are satisfied with the final image. The resolutions of each image are also displayed on the window. The final image can be saved by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Users can also download more filters to use with their images by clicking the link on the main window. The two default filters available are negative, and black and white.