Stepvoice Recorder 1.8

StepVoice Software (Shareware)

Stepvoice Recorder is a tool used for recording sounds coming from the computer. The files are saved in MP3 format. With the tool, users can record Internet radio shows, sounds from the computer’s microphone, sounds coming from a movie playing on the computer, and many others. The application allows the user to choose the sound quality of the recording from low quality (telephone) to high quality (compact disc). The program records sounds straight to MP3, which saves disk space, as there are no other files encoded into the system.

One of the features of the Stepvoice Recorder is the scheduler. Users can set the schedule for recording when listening to radio shows. There application also features a voice activation system that enables users to omit saving silent parts during the recording session.

The program has a small and simple interface that consists of command buttons and a volume slider. The recorder’s settings window is divided into five parts – General, Record, Scheduler, VAS (Voice Activation System), and Autoname. Under the recording tab, the MP3 bitrate in kbps can be set (range is from 8 to 256). Other settings include the preferred channel (mono or stereo) and the recording frequency (8,000, 11,025, 22,050, and 44.100).