StencylWorks 2.1.0 Build 501

Stencyl, LLC (Freeware)

StencylWorks is a platform for creating 2D video games for the Internet, mobile devices, and computers. Created games may be exported as executable games in personal computers, to the Internet by HTML5 and Adobe Flash Player, and mobile devices with Android and iOS applications. An NME game framework and Haxe programming language are used in creating versatile, run anywhere, design once cross-platform games.

The application is also an IDE and authoring tool. Different types of program Editors such as the Actor Editor, Tileset Editor, Scene Designer, and Behavior Editor are provided to create various kinds of games with different behaviors, animations, physics, events, settings, and actors. Other tools include functions that provide game settings alterations like game resolution and player controls, music and sound import, font import and modification, and image import for scene foregrounds and backgrounds. Created game behaviors can either be in Design Mode or Code Mode. Code Mode is used for programming logic in textual form. The Design Mode, on the other hand, is used for producing modular logic for games scenes and actors via a visual programming language. Extensions that are created by users such as third-party APIs for block addition to Design Mode may be used with StencylWorks. The application has now been called “Stencyl”.