Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5

Stellar Information System Ltd. (Shareware)

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a recovery program developed by Stellar Information System Ltd. This application is used for retrieving and recovering lost data or information from exFAT, FAT, and NTFS file systems. It can be used on different storage media such as memory cards and hard drives. The program is bundled with a Boot CD for the professional edition. This Boot CD is used when the file system is no longer bootable.

Here are Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery’s main features:

• Data, Volume, Mobile, and Formatted Partition Recovery – The program is capable of recovering different types of data including documents and databases. It can also be used to recover a lost partition as well as a formatted partition. Lost mobile data can also be retrieved using this software.
• Video, Audio and Image Recovery – Aside from typical documents, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is also used for recovering audio, image, and video files. It offers an exclusive tool for recovering multimedia files.  
• Scanned Files Filtered List – The software also offers a way of categorizing scanned folders and files. This categorization enables users to find a certain file, folder, or even partition.
• Find Option and Search File Option – The program offers find and search file options. These functions are used for finding certain files or folders for recovery..
• Deep Scan – This option is available for searching the entire hard drive for all lost/formatted/deleted data.