Stellar Phoenix FAT 11.1

Stellar Information System Limited (Shareware)

Stellar Phoenix FAT by Stellar Information System Limited is a data recovery tool that provides solutions to computer systems that lose data due to malware attacks, sudden shutdowns, errors in software, or accidental reformatting. This program is capable of identifying 300 different types of files with a certain measure of accuracy, including:
• Documents
• Spreadsheets
• Images
• Web content

Losing important computer date can be devastating, especially if there are no backup files. Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery is a prime choice in troubleshooting for such events. It is a complete utility because it has the following capabilities:
• Search and location of missing data
• Recognition of damaged or corrupt files for restoration
• Recovery of deleted or inaccessible data

This program is intended for the use of users with drives that are FAT formatted. The options and controls that are put in place are simple enough for anyone to use. Even those without advanced knowledge of computers and utilities can handle the operational requirements with ease.

Stellar Phoenix FAT is also a good tool to use if the computer owner intends to install an alternative computer operating system after partitioning an existing drive. It is also worth mentioning that this tool is capable of recovery of important data at relatively fast speeds.