Steganos Security Suite 15

Steganos GmbH (Shareware)

Steganos Security Suite is a set of privacy and encryption tools that help users keep their sensitive files safe. These tools can effectively “hide” important data by encrypting these within sound and graphics files in a process called Steganography, which means hiding in plain sight. The program suite also has tools for managing passwords, shredding personal files and confidential documents, and removing the list of documents and applications that have recently been accessed. These tools provided by the security suite are essential in a business environment where data protection is crucial.
One of its advanced features is its Internet Trace Destructor, which has the capability to clear the browser cache and remove all traces of browser history to prevent the tracking of Internet-browsing activities. Another feature is the E-Mail Encryption tool, which prevents unauthorized persons from reading or accessing users’ e-mails. Users can also easily transform their e-mail’s text and any included attachments into a self-decrypting package so they can send e-mails securely.
This program suite installs three modules into the computer, namely the Steganos Password Manager, the Steganos Safe, and the Steganos Suite. Of note is the Safe, which has four secure drives that can be hidden with a click. Its Portable Safe feature lets users save encrypted data files to CD.