Steganos Safe 2012 14

Steganos Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Steganos Safe 2012 is a security application that is used for protecting files and folders in the computer. The software acts like a virtual vault and hides important files from unauthorized users. The program’s main window consists of the controls for securing files and folders. Upon creating a safe, users can set a password to prevent other users from accessing important data. The program makes use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect sensitive data. The Steganos PicPass feature also allows users to access protected files by clicking a series of images.

Users can create encrypted safes that have up to a terabyte of space for storing photos, documents, videos, and other important data. Steganos Safe also has a portable safe feature that allows users to take their virtual safes with them in a USB drive. For highly sensitive data, the hidden safe feature can be utilized. Apart from the safe being encrypted, it also remains invisible in the computer.

Another main feature of the application is the Steganos Shredder, which permanently deletes files, folders, and traces of programs that may be left behind in the computer after installation.

Other features of the application include:
• Easy to use for beginners
• Automatic updates
• Dynamic safe size
• Unlimited number of safes