Steganos Privacy Suite 12 14

Steganos Software GmbH (Shareware)

Steganos Privacy Suite 12 is a collection of security programs for protecting the system and important data. The interface contains all the buttons for accessing the different tools that included in the security suite. The main window also shows the system’s security level, as well as a summary of the computer security.

One of the features of the program is the Steganos Safe. It is a tool that keeps important files hidden from the system. Users can create a secure drive called a ‘Safe’. Safes can have up to 1 Tb of space for all important documents. Once the safe is created, users can place files inside and make it invisible in the computer. The invisible safe can be opened by clicking on the ‘Open a hidden Safe’ button. Another security feature is Crypt & Hide. This feature hides an important document within another file (photo, folder, music file, etc.). By doing this, important files can be hidden in plain sight.

Steganos Privacy Suite 12 comes with a file Shredder, which removes files from the computer using military-standard file-shredding technology.

Other important tools included in the suite are the following:
• Password manager
• Traceless drives
• E-mail encryption
• Private favorites
• TraceDestructor