StatSoft, Inc. (Proprietary)

STATISTICA is a suite that consists of applications for data analysis, visualization, data mining, and management. The program is used for quality control, warranty analysis, credit scoring, and others. The suite consists of six different products. They are:

• Web-Based Analytic Applications – These programs makes use of a web-based architecture. It consists of analytic programs.
• Desktop – The Desktop Edition is an application that is used for one workstation.
• Enterprise – These products are created to be used by several users in a work site. The Enterprise Edition also has a client architecture that enables the users to access data on a WAN (Wide Area Network).
• Connectivity and Data Integration Solutions – The STATISTICA Enterprise Manager is a set of administration tools that are used by project managers.
• Data Mining, Text Mining, and Predictive Analysis – This application consists of a set of tools for data and text mining.
• Power Solutions – This program consists of a combination of useful tools in the STATISTICA suite. In addition, it also has consulting solutions.

Some of the applications that are included in the STATISTICA suite include the Data Miner, Automated Neural Networks Code Generator, Multivariate Statistical Process Control, Web Based Data Entry, and Enterprise Server Applications.