Globe Software (Freeware)

StatBar is a system status bar developed by Globe Software and released on July 2003. This program enables users to see an overview of their system’s condition. This program includes 19 information modules including Battery Status, CPU Usage, Memory Status, and Disk information. Other modules include launch modules including Email launcher, Quick Launch, and Search Engine launcher. The other information modules are Windows version, Time synchronization, Windows uptime, Locks Status, Master Volume control, Network traffic meter, Exit/lock buttons, and CD Door Eject/close.

StatBar features configuration options for the users. The Status Configuration shows a tabbed interface featuring the Module Selection tab, General Options tab, Miscellaneous Options tab, Networking tab, and File paths tab. Users can customize the StatBar alignment to right, left, center, or justify. Justified alignment is set as a default. The program also gives the user an option to remember the selections even after there is a screen resolution change. The Configurations tab also displays the space in pixels allotted for the information modules. The display bar shows the Total space in pixels, the Used pixel space corresponding to the red bar, and the Available pixel space shown as the green bar. The information modules are shown with their corresponding pixel sizes enabling the users to estimate the number of information modules they can set as visible and invisible.