StarUML 5.0

Plastic Software, Inc. (Open Source)

StarUML, formerly known as Agora Plastic, is an UML software-modeling platform developed by Plastic Software, Inc. The first version of this program was initially released in 1996 when it was still known as Agora Plastic. The developers rebranded and renamed it to StarUML in 2005. The program’s goal is to create a replacement for commercialized UML tools. Its main purpose is to make UML class diagrams and create Java stub codes automatically. The program is written in Delphi, but also supports other programming languages.

The main functions and features of StarUML are:

• UML 2.0 Diagrams – The program is capable of creating different types of UML diagrams including but not limited to Statechart diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Activity diagrams, Composite Structure diagram, and more. Aside from this, it also features Diagram Extensibility features that enables users to specify their own diagram type aside from UMLs.
• Generating Microsoft Office Documents – The program can be used for Microsoft Office document generation.
• Customizable Code Generation – This feature enables users to utilize text-based code generation and template. It also supports Jscript.
• Editing and Pattern – StarUML offers editing and pattern features. When editing UML diagrams, it provides multiple undo and redo functions. Diagram overview is also available as well as keyboard manipulation features. The program also supports user-defined patterns and EJB/GoF patterns.