Startup Inspector for Windows 2.2 (Shareware)

Startup Inspector for Windows is an application used for managing the computer’s startup programs. These startup programs are launched when the computer is powered on, and if there are too many of these programs the computer may take a long time to start. This application has the ability to identify up to five thousand startup programs installed in the computer, and determines which of these can be maintained. It also finds out which ones are not needed when starting the computer. Furthermore, it looks for malicious objects such as viruses and spyware that may be disguised as normal programs in the system startup.

To use the program, the user simply needs to open the application and hit the "Refresh" button. This can be found at the upper left portion of the interface. After that, the program does a system check of all the programs and services that run during system startup and lists these down on the main pane. Each application is given a rating. A "check" rating signifies that the program is safe. Some programs are rated with a question mark. This often signifies that no information is available about the particular application. A "star" rating is given to those applications required to run during system startup. A "not required" rating is given to those applications that are not needed when the computer starts.