Startup Faster! 3.6.2011.14

URSoft,Inc (Shareware)

Startup Faster! is a program that improves the start-up speed of a computer. Plenty or programs run automatically during system startup. As a result, the boot up process takes longer even on fast computers. Startup Faster! comes with the SmartBoot technology that optimizes and modifies the time for execution so that the boot up time speeds up by as much as 500%.

Startup Faster! has a user interface similar to the Windows startup manager. On the main window, users can delete, disable, or enable the startup programs. All the startup items are listed on the window, including the program name, command line, and delay time. Other information, such as the title, parameters, filename, and startup location are displayed, too.  There are also command buttons (new, delete, properties, up, and down) for managing the items on the entry list.

One of the features of the program is Test Run. The test run button can be found on top of the main page. This allows the user to see the improvement after making changes on the startup list. The test run simulates the boot up process so users can see the difference when using the application. More settings for the application can be found under the Options window.