Startup Delayer 3.0

r2 Studios (Shareware)

Startup Delayer is an application that allows users to control the startup processes of the computer. It delays application from starting up when the system boots up. By doing this, the startup process becomes faster. The processes will then start launching as soon as the system has started up and is idle. The program’s interface has three tabs – Startup Applications, Running Tasks, and System Services. The Startup Applications tab shows a list of the programs that run during computer start up. The startup items list has three categories:

• Delayed – these are the processes that are delayed during system start up
• Normal – consists of the processes that are launched as soon as the computer starts
• Disabled – these are the processed that do not run during computer start up

To change the status of the programs, users can drag the items and drop them to the different categories. The user can also view the status of each application on the list. The Running Tasks consists of a list of applications running on the computer. It shows the image name, product name, memory, company, window title, and other information. The System Services tab shows a list of the processes that are related to system services.