StartMenuX 4.75

OrdinarySoft (Freeware)

Start Menu X is a tool that allows users to configure the start menu on Windows computers. This eliminates the need to scroll down a long list of applications to find a specific program. The software allows the user to create virtual groups for gathering similar applications together. Groups are put together in one folder for easier access. On the menu, items are listed in alphabetical order so users can easily find what they are looking for. Another feature of the software is the run button, which allows the user to access programs that are not often used. These programs can be accessed with ease even if they are not included in the start menu list of applications.

The application’s interface displays five different groups – System, Graphics, Office, Games, and Internet. Users can also add, remove, or edit the groups. All the programs installed in the computer are listed on the main window. Users must click on one of the group buttons and choose the items to include in that particular group. The program also has other functions including:

• Lock – the lock function prevents unauthorized users from viewing the contents of the computer
• Undock – the undock function ejects portable devices that are connected to the system
• Shut down – shuts down all applications so that the computer can be turned off safely