Outertech (Freeware)

StartEd is a program that manages the Windows startup process. The program detects the applications that hog the system’s memory during startup. These programs can be disabled in order to make the booting process faster. In addition, users can also uninstall applications directly from the application. The application gives a detailed report of all the processes and programs that run at startup. The list also shows different information, such as the service running, its name, startup type (manual or automatic), its status, and description. The items are also color-coded, which helps users determine if the programs can be stopped. Furthermore, the application is capable of detecting threats in the form of Trojans. This keeps the system safe. Colors and their categories are as follows:

• Trojan Horse – Red
• Obsolete – Pink
• Safe to Disable – Green
• New – Yellow
• Not Essential – Purple
• Very Important – Sky Blue
• Orange – Essential

Based on these color categories, novice computer users can disable or leave programs running. Starting and stopping services are as easy as clicking a button. The command buttons are located at the upper portion of the window and are clearly labeled. The program also allows users to save a backup of the system or restore the system from a save point in in the event the computer crashes after services are disabled.