Starship Troopers

Empire Interactive Europe Limited (Proprietary)

Starship Troopers is a computer video game based on the film with the same name. This game is set roughly five years after the movie. The main character is called “Marauder Zero Six”. He and his team are tasked to conquer Hesperus, a planet that is now populated by the insect race called the Arachnids. The game has footage from the film, as well as voice clips from the film actors.

As a first-person shooting game, the player sees the in-game environment from the eyes of the main character. There are single player and multiplayer game modes. In single player mode, the player can play the story campaign, which is composed of several missions that are connected to each other. After one level is completed, the user proceeds to the next mission. All levels completed by the player can be played in the level attack mode. This is where the user can set a high score based on the number of enemies killed. In most of the missions, a single objective must be fulfilled. Before the end of each mission is a boss battle that must be fought by the player. Boss enemies are typically support units that enhance, strengthen, and offer support power to all the enemies. Defeating the bosses would therefore weaken the enemies. In multiplayer mode, a player can play against other players in the local area network.