Starry Night

Simulation Curriculum Corp. (Proprietary)

Starry Night is a planetarium simulator designed to deliver realistic imagery and representations of various heavenly bodies. It is an educational tool built to support the learning process in astronomical fields of study. The software comes with three primary features: virtual telescope control and manipulation, observatory planning and management, and multiple-panel designing and printing. Aside from these, the program is also equipped with many secondary features such as solar system positioning, Milky Way identification, and galaxy grouping.

Starry Night's depiction of the night sky is based on several updated universe catalogs including: USNO A2, Tycho-2, the Tully Catalog of Galaxies, and Hipparcos. Because of this, users can view the latest digital images of the Earth as observed and taken from satellites. Another feature is the that it can calculate the exact positioning and location of astronomical bodies. Starry Night allows viewing of the Earth's replica from ages ago. Users can select any date and time for this feature and the software will display an animated representation of the planet during the exact date. On the other hand, its Hertzsprung-Russel diagram shows a display of the stars and the different constellations while its CCD imagery tool creates sky photographic mosaic illustrations.