Starry Night Enthusiast 4.5

Imaginova Canada Ltd. (Proprietary)

Starry Night Enthusiast 4.5 is a multi-featured application that provides a complete set of tools for those who are keen on stargazing. The program is designed to provide a myriad of useful tool for avid stargazers who require a sky calendar, sky charts and recording logbook. There are numerous features including an event finder and the necessary functions for connecting and controlling a telescope. One of the highlights of the program is the LiveSky panel feature that provides users with current view of the Earth and the Sun.

Starry Night Enthusiast 4.5 also provides users with sky-gazing suggestions on a weekly basis. The program offers learning opportunities for amateur stargazers who want to know more about the stars, constellations, the planets, and other celestial objects found in the solar system. This is only the beginning. With Starry Night Enthusiast 4.5 users of the application can view more than 170 deep space objects, such as star clusters, quasars and nebulae.

The program is equipped with OpenGL graphics that provide close-up views of the planets and their moons, as well as the view that is available only to astronauts stationed at the International Space Station. In addition, there are bonus multimedia and video materials on CD and DVD for those who want to learn more about astronomical objects.