Star Finanz - Software Entwicklung und Vertriebs GmbH (Shareware)

StarMoney is an online banking application that can be used by private clients and freelancers. The program allows users to manage all their personal financial accounts in one application. It provides a brief overview of all account types including credit card transactions, loans, share accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, and many more. Transferring money and ordering can also be done with the application.

When details for financial accounts are entered into the program, users can view descriptive financial reports. Reports for online purchases and bonus points acquired when online shopping are also tracked. Useful financial planning tools are also integrated into the program. These include insurance management, invoices, contracts, budget accounts, and many more.

StarMoney ensures online banking safety as it has a security feature that prevents information phishing and fraudulent use of personal data. It also makes use of keylogger protection and encrypted data transfer to make sure that all online transactions are secure. Another security feature included in the program is Promon Shield. The Promon Shield technology provides protection against threats that may enter the computer. All data stored in the computer are encrypted. Any updates performed are encrypted as well. StarMoney follows and supports all current safety procedures for online banking.