StarFleet Command III - TNG

Taldren Inc. (Shareware)

StarFleet Command III – TNG by Taldren Inc. is a game that is based on the futuristic Star Trek television and movie franchise. This edition of the game offers players various advantageous features via an upgraded interface for system management. Players can focus more on the combat action and optimize power allocation as well as their ship’s strategic maneuvers. Implementing direct assaults, ambushes, and hit-and-run maneuvers are simplified in this version. This game also incorporates additional RPG elements.

StarFleet Command III – TNG also offers a high level of customization that is never before seen in any other Star Trek video games. The system of the ship, including the shields, weapons, and engines many be customized based on the gamer’s specifications and combat strategy.

In StarFleet Command III – TNG, the player can command officers who gain skills and experience as the game goes forward. The player is also given the opportunity to recruit other officers to improve the overall strategy and effectiveness of the attacks against enemy ships. Over the course of Star Trek: Star Fleet Command, the capabilities of the ship improve as well. The overall efficiency of the vessel increases and the player is provided with adequate tools to launch advanced offensive maneuvers using the vessel and its array of high-tech weapons.