Stardock Tiles

Stardock Software (Freeware)

Stardock Tiles is used for organizing running applications on the desktop. All running applications are displayed as tiles on the screen. The tiles can be clicked or swiped using the mouse to switch from one application to another. The program also supports multi-touch display monitors. Users have full control over the design, size, and alignment of each of the tiles.

One of the features of the program is Pages. With this feature, users can place the applications in their respective categories for better organization. Some of the categories available include apps, docs, web, recent, and others. Shortcuts can also be created by dragging the program to a bar and creating a pin of the icon that will be displayed on the system tray. The tiles are also skinnable. There are also a number of skins that come with the application including Intra, Metro Blue, Metro Black, and Oak.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Support for adding additional pages to suit the user’s need
• Users can download additional skins free from the website
• Tiles appear even on multiple monitors
• Items, such as clock, date, and system tray icons can be enabled/disabled
• Supports dragging and dropping