Stardock SkinStudio 7.40

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

Stardock SkinStudio allows users to create different visual styles that can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 systems. The styles created with the application are applies with WindowsBlinds. With the program, users can change the appearance of the Start button, menus, windows, borders, title bards, and buttons on the screen. The program is designed to be used even by novice computer users.

The application allows users to create three different types of skins:

• WindowsBlinds Basic Skin – This type allows users to create skins with title bar borders. However, the design is limited to four pixels in width. The basic skin the most compatible type of skin.
• WindowsBlinds Advanced Skin – The advanced skin allows users to be more flexible when creating skins. Users can create larger borders. Note that not all applications support large borders.
• WindowsBlinds UISO skin – This type of skin limits the user to the Aero style, but users can add textures to the task bar, the start menu, and the frames. This skin style is not compatible on systems running on Windows XP.

Stardock SkinStudio provides several settings that can be tweaked. The settings can be found on the left hand side of the main window. Some of the items include the skin colors, fonts, backgrounds, window frames, and animations.