Stardock ObjectBar

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

Stardock ObjectBar allows the user to extend or replace the Windows Start Bar. It is a tool to customize the existing Start bar and allow the user to create a new Start bar. It allows the user to add or remove various items from the bar. The user can add Widgets and gadgets to the bar.

Stardock ObjectBar includes an assortment of skins and themes. Users can use the skin and themes options or create their own bars. It allows the user to edit the toolbars content and customize the interface. Users can customize the bar to resemble other desktop interfaces for other operating systems. Users can add and remove programs and functions from the bar. The program allows the user to personalize the menu. Programs or elements to add among the list are Virtual desktops, folders, pop-up menus, clocks, RSS Feeds, Email Checkers, Address boxes, and CPU and Memory meters. The skin of the bar is customizable. The user can change the text color, sizes and transparency and add visual effects.

Stardock ObjectBar supports a drag and drop feature to take URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) from pages located on the web and place them on bars to create shortcuts. Users can drag and drop objects to the bar to create quick start links. It features a configurable Smart Menu to display only the most used programs the user launches.