Stardock Central Beta, Inc (Freeware)

Stardock Central is a download manager that allows Stardock customers to download the company’s products. It can also be used to manage Stardock products. Users can resume downloads, make a download queue, and download on mirror servers. It can also check for updates. When a download is complete, the software can notify the user about it. To further serve Stardock customers, the company integrated a number of features that will help them contact support personnel immediately. These include a chat client, a message forum, and support documentation.

Users can gain access to Stardock Central when they purchase a Stardock product. The software has a unique ability to download a product by components. This means when a product is downloaded, it will be delivered by parts; the most important parts (files) will be downloaded first. For example, when downloading a game, the software will download the main portion of the game first before downloading the other portions. These other portions include in-game music and extra characters. It is particularly helpful to customers that have slow Internet connection.

Other features are the following:

• The software will only update the files for new versions.
• An archive and restore ability – This is important for backup. It is especially helpful when transferring to another computer.
• Customizable user interface
• Instant access to customer support

Stardock Central has been discontinued once. It is, however, back to beta version.